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Over 2500 Helicopters Delivered

Direct Helicopter International’s mission is to provide the helicopter industry with 24/7 hassle-free shipping and delivery of airworthy helicopters across the globe.

Direct Helicopter & Senator International

Direct Helicopter International Ltd. and Senator International Inc. are proud strategic partners providing unparalleled helicopter logistics with over 75 offices across the globe and own controlled 747 flights on the Senator Air Bridge (SAB) to Frankfurt-Hahn (our main hub), Singapore, Johannesburg, Hong Kong, Chicago, Greenville SC, Mexico City and many other destinations in between.

Integrity, innovation and diligence drive our family-based companies, and together we offer experience, reliability and first class service like no other.

Ship Your Helicopter In Confidence

From answering the phone to providing confidential real-time updates of your helicopter movements, our global helicopter and logistics professionals work around the clock setting the bar for professional helicopter logistics.

We take pride in knowing not only how to get your helicopter from A to B, but how to get your blades in motion. When you get a price from us, that is what you pay.

See some of our work below and don’t hesitate to contact us for more info or a quote.

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