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We’re Direct Helicopter International. We specialize in shipping and delivery of turnkey helicopters anywhere in the world, with one phone call. We'd like to be a part of your website so that your visitors can experience what our customers have come to expect.

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The Direct Helicopter image shall always be linked to There shall always be alternative text (alt attribute) on our image and title (title attribute) text on the link stating: "Direct Helicopter - Global Turnkey Helicopter Shipping". The image shall only appear on white or grey (#EAEAEA or lighter), and if it is re-sized, it must be only be reduced proportionately and never displayed larger than the native pixel dimensions.

We host the image:

Copy and paste the code below into your website source. That's it.

Direct Helicopter - Global Turnkey Helicopter Shipping

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If you want to host the Direct Helicopter image on your own server, download the above by right clicking on it and "Save Image As" and then upload it to your website server. Insert the image, alt text, link and title text as you normally would, or copy the code above into your source and replace with your local image URL.

Thank you for letting us be a part of your website. -DHI

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